Corruption is gained through the body’s contact with evil energies (including cursed grounds, attacks by undead and any necrotic damage taken may result in corruption points being gained, however only 1 corruption point may be gained in any scenario once per source per encounter).

The degree to which a character has been consumed by corruption is measured in 3 stages- mild, moderate, and severe.

A character reaches mild corruption when they manifests their first physical symptom (at 5 points of corruption).

A character is considered to possess moderate levels of corruption when it is above ¼ but below ½ of the character’s corruption threshold.

And a character is considered to possess severe levels of corruption when that form of taint is above ½ of the character’s corruption threshold.

For every 5 points of corruption a character possesses she manifests a Corruption Symptom as evil twists and warps the character’s body.

To calculate a character’s corruption threshold multiply the higher of the character’s Strength score or Constitution score by 5 and add one half your character’s level rounded down.


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