Dreaming Dark

The Dreaming Dark is the regions where it is said all sentient minds go when they dream. Immortal beings guard the borders of the Dreaming Dark. The dreams bubble up nearly as planes of their own within the Dreaming Dark. Dream creatures created by powerful minds can and often do escape the hold of their owner’s dream and wander into other creature’s dreams or even escape the region of dreams. The immortal beings that guard the borders are known as Archons. They are crafted from the unlimited dream stuff the Dreaming Dark is completely composed of seemingly by the realm itself to capture or destroy any wayward dreams.

The Kalashtar were peaceful beings that were the original natives to the Dreaming Dark. They were a peaceful, but curious race. And would endlessly explore mortal’s dreams with endless fascination however with little regard to the existence of the mortal realm the nightmares that managed to break free from individual’s dreams and escaped into the mortal realm were quickly forgotten by the Kalashtar.

The Archons were apparently the Dreaming Dark’s own natural defense against the escaping nightmares. The Archons were equipped with intelligence of their own and could adapt to nearly any sort of nightmare that spawned.

The Kalashtar often provoked nightmares in their curious wandering through mortal’s dreams. The Archons saw this as deliberate attacks. The war was devastating. The Kalashtar having only encountered violence in mortal’s dreams which held for them no chance of harm were unprepared for the boundless assaults the archons sprang upon them. Being slaughtered in countless numbers and facing genocide the Kalashtar fled to the mortal realm where they could possibly hide.

Wandering in a near spirit form the Kalashtar found quickly that they could bond with the human souls and merge into one being which the archons were not easily able to detect. However the archons know no mercy or remorse and ceaselessly hunt the Kalashtar even after nearly 2 millenia.

Dreaming Dark

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