Kingdom of Skyy

Once upon a time as these stories like to go, a bard wrote a tale about a blossoming young kingdom full of hope and wonder with a bright future, where life was terrific and the people were happy. This is not that kingdom.

The Kingdom of Skyy was once ruled by a selfish monarchy and a strict caste system until The Warlord appeared in the dark horizon and swept through the entire country in one fell swoop. Demolishing long standing government and establishing himself as the unquestionable dictator.

Installing The Dusk, the Warlord’s personal army and servants as every aspect of the government which has led much to be desired. Along with The Dusk multitudes of intelligent and non-intelligent undead are used as everything from servants to soldiers. The intelligent undead are accepted as full members of The Dusk with all rights and privileges any other member may accrue.

The common people of the land are treated little better than slaves. Being used and tread upon by The Dusk is daily life. Commoners buy, sell and trade between themselves. Anyone who shows a better than average aptitude towards any sort of trade skill is drafted into The Dusk and forced to work under penalty of execution for themselves and their family.

Only through The Dusk can the populous have any modicum of power or property. The higher rank one accrues within The Dusk the more privileges the person can gain, but The Dusk is not an easy path. Most recruits, if they don’t manifest a particular skill, are used as common foot soldiers or as sacrifices for magical experiments.

Kingdom of Skyy

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