Nifty System

The Nifty System is a nice little reward system for players that I blatantly stole from another house ruled game I used to play in a long time ago in a galaxy far far away.

Players gain Nifty points for being good players. I know most DMs expect their players to be solid players anyway, but this just gives them that little incentive, a little boost to do so. Because after all said and done they look at their character sheet and see all the little bonuses they gained (or see the things they didn’t lose) just through this Nifty System and they feel good about all the good things they did for the campaign.

With these Nifty Points (or just Niftys as I like to call them) are able to spend them on a number of things (listed below) this list is no where near all inclusive. Just a starting place for the rewards that the Nifty Point System allows.

My Nifty point system is based off of a 5-ish point per session possible rating.

A player gains 1 Nifty for just showing up. (On time preferably, fashionably late gains no niftys).

What the player brings to the table each session is what really what gains them niftys. I go on a 1-3 scale each session, based off of different criteria (roleplaying, team work with party, just overall interaction with the game as a whole). As this scale can be subjective, I take time at the end of the session and ask each player on a scale of 1-3 how many niftys they think they deserve. 1 nifty if the player was just kind of there, and went on his/her turn, but really didn’t add much else. 2 niftys if the character interacted with the game well, and maybe even mild roleplaying, and held back on the metagame thinking. And 3 niftys has to have a good reason, if the player asks for 3 niftys he/she better have been a superb player, roleplaying his/her heart out, shaping plot events while keeping the whole party’s best interests in mind at the same time, the player must pretty much stand up and give a factual speech about his/her greatness to deserve 3 niftys.

The final 1 nifty is for bonus things really (if the player brought snacks for everyone, helped the DM out, maybe recounting the last session for everyone as a reminder or if someone wasn’t there. Pretty much just helping the other players or DM out) This nifty can be given multiple times during the session (example; if one player gave another player a ride when he/she couldn’t otherwise come because of transportation issues, that same player brought snacks for everyone and recapped the last session. That’s definitely worth a total of 3 niftys. This gives shy players or players not that roleplaying intensive to make up niftys just because they aren’t the most comfortable with everyone in the group yet. That’s why the whole system is based off a “5-ish” point system.

Nifty Point Rewards. These are the little goodies that can be bought with the Nifty Points gained throughout a campaign and their Nifty point cost.

  • Unconditional Resurrect with all equipment(5 niftys)
  • 1 piece of non-magical equipment (5 niftys)
  • +1 Action Point; available until used (10 niftys)
  • Extra Feat; must meet prerequisites (20 niftys)
  • +1 to one ability score (20 niftys)
  • Training an extra class skill (20 niftys)
  • Gain a Familiar, through Arcane Familiar feat even if you don’t meet prerequisites (25 niftys)
  • Training an extra cross class skill (35 niftys)
  • Trade one known power of your level or lower for any other power (of the same level or lower of the power traded) from any class (50 niftys)

Warning: It is entirely possible to lose nifty points. Being a right bastard, no call no shows, and other negative behavior is a very easy way to lose nifty points, and the amount is of course situational.

Nifty System

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